Non of this New Year New me crap!

Ok so it’s another New Year and already the amount of people I’ve heard say “Its a New Year a New Me” has already driven me to the point of madness…So… Rather than get myself stupidly frustrated with it all I am setting myself a challenge to see how many things I can accomplish in a year and jump on the metaphorical bandwagon.

I should point out that I have no frustrations with people who will actually stick to their commitment of “A New Year a New Them” and actually be proactive about it for more than a month before they decided that the old them isn’t that bad. My frustration comes from the ones who say it every single year and yet the only thing that ever changes about them is their hair colour or they buy a new pair of shoes that they wouldn’t usually buy. (Admitidly I’m slighty guilty of the hair colouring, but I am trying my best to accept that I am blonde).

So, what am I setting out to accomplish in a year? Well after becoming unemployed for the first time in three years I am using this blog to shamelessly advertise my artwork, and at least start what I would love to call The Black Canvas Artwork Company. So if anyone reading this has room for some slightly gothic handrawn canvas acrylic paintings I will be selling on Ebay, or if anyone would like a commisioned work done, get in touch, I need the work. Thats the unashamable plug done…for this time blogpost anyway.


The antlers need sorting out a bit, but you get the idea.


As with about half the country at this time of year I have a pair of highwasted denim shorts that I would really like to get into by summer, and be able to feel like I can breath in them. At just 4 foot something any lbs I have put on from Christmas are as obvious as a black cat in the snow, so rather than make unrealistic promises to myself all I’m going to do is simply promise to eat less carbs more fruit and work out for at least half an hour a day (Maybe not at the weekend). No unachievable targets that when you don’t hit will cause serious demotivation and simply increases the urge to grab the wine and cheese.

Internet shopping…THIS NEEDS TO STOP! If anyone says they don’t get a tiny thirill when a padded brown or white envelope falls through the door, or you answer to a man holding a box thats too big to post through, is lying. Half the time I order things just for that cheap thrill of having them delivered and then opening them. I have a problem. I need to stop. Period.

Looking at people and thinking “I wish I look like them”. This I think is something everyone has done or does on a regular basis, not nescessarily because they are unhappy with how they look but because some people are just stupidly beautiful. I see a picture of Liv Tyler and think if I dye my hair dark and break out the lip plumping gloss I’m going to be her twin. Sadly this has never been the case despite the amount of times I’ve tried it.

So to sum up…. This New Year I am going to:

Sell some art, starting up The Black Canvas Artwork Company

Fit comfortably into my highwaisted jeans

Stop buying unneeded things from the internet

Stop dying my hair and realise I will never look like Liv Tyler

This New Year is not the year of a new me, it’s the year of me just being exactly that. Me. By all means if you want to completly change yourself this year go for it, wheather that be cosmetit, mental or physical. Just make sure your true to yourself, if your happy, good, stay that way if you can. If not, It’s a New Year maybe it time for a New You.






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