Internet Shopping for Aragorn…

So for those of you that read my first blog (many thanks to you if you did) you’ll know that one of my aims for this year is to stop buying things from the Internet simply to get a cheap thrill when they arrive. The delivery I’m expecting today doesn’t count….

The delivery I’m expecting today isn’t for myself,  it’s for the other man in my life,  my little man Aragorn. Now unfortunately I don’t have a miniature character from “The Lord of the Rings” tucked away in a draw that I can get out to play with when I’m bored,  what I have is a gorgeous Crested Gecko.

Aragorn is just over two years old and has recently been given a rather large, brand new vivarium. (My flat pack skills were put to test and I am relieved to say I came out on top form). But with a new home comes the need for new furnishings… hello Internet! 

As a crestie Aragorn has a love of climbing things whether it be a wall, his branches or my hair. He also needs a place to hide during the day and when he’s having a strop at something or on hunger strike (don’t get me started on his tantrums and strikes, he’s driven me to the point of insanity with worry).

All of this gave me a valid reason to go a tad wild on the “Seapets” website… various silk and prothstecic hanging leaves,  climbing branches,  a purple orchid. You can imagine my excitement when I saw the glowing mushrooms!  In my head I had now created “Pandora” from James Camerons film “Avatar” all because of some plastic glowing mushrooms. 

This was a week ago, and after an email telling me there was a delay with my order due to a back up after Christmas I finally received a message yesterday saying it was all despatched and on a next day delivery service. Unfortunately I have another appointment at said Job Centre (again if you’ve read my previous blogs you’ll know about this) so I’m fully prepared to put a note on my door saying “PLEASE LEAVE DELIVERY IN THE SHED!”.That’s another cheap thrill in itself coming home to find it waiting for me… 

It’s now five to twelve and the postman has been and brought absolutely nothing,  I’m hoping it’s not been sent via Royal Mail. Every van that drives past there’s a glimmer of hope that evaporates as it carries on past… again this doesn’t count as pointless Internet shopping, it’s not for me.

So this is it for today,  I leave you with this image.  I am sitting staring out the living room window onto the main road,  guessing that the next van I see will be the one, jumping slightly if I hear a van door slide open somewhere that I can’t see. Waiting,  just waiting…



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