Being employed!

So for the beautiful people that have read my previous posts (I thank you) you will know that I was unemployed…. that is not the case anymore!  I have a job! I now work at Clarkes Shoes! 

Receiving a call for an interview the next day five minutes after signing on for the first time whilst sitting at a bus stop was, needless to say the highlight of my day. Considering I’d handed my CV there over three months ago (before it all went a bit wrong) I’d completely given up on that one. Anyway I had an interview and it was time to break out the heels and “LBD” (little black dress).

Half past two yesterday, I’m standing in Clarkes waiting to tell them why I want to work here, why I should get the job,  all the usual standard stuff… then it hits me… if I get this I’m going to have to be around other peoples feet. I can’t lie, this throws me a bit, the idea of having to possibly touch other peoples feet.

Luckily I didn’t have time to dwell on this as at that point it was time to go and impress, I then realise it’s a group interview.  I’m not used to this situation my competition will be sitting in the same room as me…Bring it!

I don’t think I realised how much crap I talk in interviews until yesterday, upon being asked how my best friend would describe me the reply of “A drunken mess” spilled out my mouth before my mind registered that I was in an interview.  (I genuinely thought I’d blown it at that point). At the question “So why do you want to work for us?” without a second thought I blurt out “Because I like shoes” followed by “I know it sounds cliché but I really do!” (How I’ve ever had a job I’ll never know).

This is where it all got a bit awkward,  they pulled out the CV they had for me (which really was out of date as I’d handed it in months ago as I’ve already said) and asked why I’d left my previous job at Monsoon and what had happened since (which im not going into as Select aren’t worth the time). This sparked the question “why hadn’t I handed in an up to date CV?” I explained it was ages ago that I had given it in and so on and so forth only for them to turn around and say they don’t keep CV’s on file and it was only given to them recently… I don’t understand how it got there but I’m pleased it did.

Amazingly despite the awkwardness of the CV and me telling them I was a drunken mess I was offered the position there and then.  I sign my contract on Thursday and start Friday,  and cannot wait to tell Alan my “work coach” Tuesday.  Bye bye signing on, hello employment.



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